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Dove Go Fresh - Fresh Touch Cucumber and Green Tea Liquid Hand Wash Refill 500 ml DOVE46

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Dove Go Fresh touch cucumber and green tea liquid hand Wash refill 500 ml Dove Liquid soap is so gentle and delicately perfumed that it helps to hygienically cleanse and moisturize your hands leaving them smooth & supple. If you're looking for a hand wash with a revitalizing fragrance, Dove Go Fresh beauty cream hand wash, with its refreshing scent of cucumber and green tea might just be the pick-me-up your skin needs. Dove go fresh beauty cream hand wash combines a refreshingly light formula with a revitalizing scent and 1/4 moisturizing cream to help give you skin that feels soft, smooth and cared for. Light, hydrating feel and refreshing formula that helps effectively care for skin a hand washes with a refreshing scent can give you a revitalizing boost every time you wash your hands. Dove go fresh range blends caring ingredients and light, fresh scents in a formula that's gentle on your skin. Dove go fresh hand washes give you the feeling of hydrating freshness that leaves you and your skin feeling blissfully revived.